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Open Letter

To Our Valued Customer,

On August 1, 2017, our company was rebranded to Goldsmith & Goldsmith Management Company to reflect the new ownership structure and in reverence to the founder of B’ at Ease Services. With the retirement of the founder of B’ at Ease Services, the company was acquired by Goldsmith & Goldsmith Management Company, a division of Glenn U. Goldsmith LLC.

Goldsmith & Goldsmith Management Company is incredibly well-positioned for growth in the most strategic areas of next generation services including digital document transformation and transaction, software-defined data center, converged infrastructure, and cloud computing align with such advancements in cybersecurity. We are extremely advantaged by having a great foundation to build upon that features the core values of our predecessor along with the latest developments in the fields of Accounting, Bookkeeping, Management, Payroll and Tax Preparation.

At Goldsmith & Goldsmith, we work hard every day to provide you with a great experience and services at competitive prices. We are all about opportunity, growth and innovation. To give you some high-level insight into our plans, we believe a strategically-aligned business will best drive innovation, customer choice and the ability to attract and retain sound customers. We have demonstrated the ability to compete in fast-changing markets that will only accelerate from here. This structure is a great platform for continuing to incubate our most promising solutions and elevate those capabilities for the benefit of you, our customer.

Being tightly managed and cost conscious, along with our investments and continued research and development in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Management, Payroll and Tax Preparation matters will give us unmatched scale, strength and flexibility to help you achieve your goals. Even though we have experienced some changes with the transition to Goldsmith & Goldsmith Management Company, I am excited to work with our talented management team, and I am personally committed to the success of our company, and above all, to you, our customer.

Glenn U. Goldsmith
President and Principle Consultant
Goldsmith & Goldsmith Management Company
‘where your business matters’

Glenn and his staff go above and beyond! They created my LLC and have taken care of my bookkeeping and payroll, all while assisting me with the logistics of my company. They have helped me to simplify my tasks, reduce expenses, and add revenue.

~ Pam Patton, Food To Go LLC

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